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Sony RX1 Preview door Steve Huff

De Sony RX1 preview door Steve Huff is de eerste preview van de camera door een fotograaf in dagelijks gebruik. De Sony RX1 is een compact camera met een Full Frame 35mm sensor. De Sony DSC-RX1 kost 3.100 euro en is beschikbaar vanaf medio november.

Sony RX1 Preview foto’s door Steve Huff

De RX1 van Sony is de eerste compact camera met een 35mm Exmor CMOS Sensor met een aspect ratio van 3:2.
Fotograaf Steve Huff schrijft over zijn bevinding en met de Sony RX1:

Ok guys, I promised more and more and more on this hot camera so here is MORE! Just returned from a late night walk and am BLOWN AWAY by the high ISO and usability of the RX1 on the street late at night. The camera is fast, responsive, silent and shooting at ISO 25,600 in B&W is IMO..beautiful.

Sony RX1 preview
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I will keep this post short in text as I have to get some sleep as I have an early and VERY long day tomorrow (when the official shooting begins with the new Sony cameras) which will be jammed packed shooting from 7am to 10PM. (am writing this at 1am).

So with that said I just want to share some photos from the late night walk. Things I like about the RX1 after a day? Size, weight, speed, lens, and build quality. I will admit that shooting in low light at night did result in a few AF misses but it was not any worse than most other cameras when shooting in the dark. On a few occasions the camera hunted when the light got REAL low and a couple of times focused on what was behind my subject. When I put it into MF mode using focus peaking it worked VERY well. Remember this is NOT final firmware so maybe Sony can improve on this. They say they are improving the IQ some as well so we shall see.

EXIF is embedded on all shots below and you must click them for a larger view. Also, when I get home next week I will write more in-depth on the RX1 with crops and processed shots as well. After that Sony should be sending me one soon for an “official review”. The thoughts I am posting now are just my 1st look thoughts and samples.

Sony RX1 Preview door Steve Huff
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After tonight’s walk it made me really get excited again about this camera because it does low light/night VERY well. The high ISO is nothing short of astonishing and just think, every image here is an OOC JPEG without noise reduction. ISO 25,600 is VERY usable for gritty B&W street shooting. Pair that with the super sharp and soulful Zeiss 35 f/2 and well…where did I put that spare $2700?

Sony RX1 Preview video

Sony RX1 Prijs en verkrijgbaarheid

De 35mm full frame Sony RX1 is beschikbaar vanaf medio november en heeft een adviesverkoopprijs van 3.100 euro, kijk op voor meer over de Sony RX1 preview

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