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USA roadtrip time lapse video door Duitse T-Recs

© by T-Recs

T-Recs maakte een USA roadtrip in een time lapse video, gedurende 3 weken deden de makers de volgende steden aan: Las Vegas
San Francisco, Chicago, Death Valley en Yosemite.

USA roadtrip time lapse video

De Duitse time lapse specialisten T-RECS maakte na de NAB 2012 een roadtrip beginnende in Las Vegas, voor deze USA roadtrip time lapse video gebruikte ze de volgende apparatuur:

  • 2x canon eos 7d
  • 2x gopro hero hd2
  • tokina 11-16mm
  • tokina 10-17mm
  • ef-s 15-85mm is usm
  • silk tripod
  • no sliders
  • manfrotto magic arm

T-Recs over USA roadtrip time lapse video

We’ve spend 3 weeks in the usa. 5 days Las Vegas for NAB and meeting some friends and other great people. (not shown in this video) and the rest of the trip we rent cars and tried to find freedom on the road 🙂 – we found it ! we also slept the most time in the car instead of hotels, motels, hostels or stuff like this. the time for us was pure awesomeness. starting from silent epic remote places to stressful cityscapes. this all was a great time and experience for us and 3 weeks for this tour is definately to short. because this amazing country is sooo huuuge 🙂


T-RECS gebruikte in de USA roadtrip time lapse video muziek van;
– Adam Fielding – Things I Wanted To Say via en
– Justin Brett – Dubstep Specialist via

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