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AlphaSphere a new electronic musical instrument

AlphaSphere the maker of a new electronic musical instrument says:

The AlphaSphere is a new electronic musical instrument and controller which reinterprets the way we interact with sound. Its distinct design is made up of 48 pressure sensitive pads which form a self-supporting spherical structure. Sound is triggered when you tap the pad, apply more pressure and you can start to mould and manipulate the sound further. Apply parameters to the pad-depth such as pitch-bend, volume, oscillations and interesting filters to make your music truely expressive.


about the software:

AlphaLive™ is a standalone application that enables the AlphaSphere to operate as a number of common devices found within electronic music production. Presented with an attractive and intuitive interface, the software allows you to program the functionality of the AlphaSphere to a highly customized level, ultimately creating an expressive electronic musical instrument and controller that is perfect for composition, performance and production.

System Requirements:

    Mac Intel machine running OSX 10.6 or later
    Intel Core 2 Duo 2.26 GHz or above
    1 GB RAM or above
    50 MB of free HD space
    Windows and Linux system requirements to be confirmed
    Third party Digital Audio Workstation, MIDI Sequencer, or MIDI instrument software recommended

alphalive mac software by alphasphere
alphalive mac software by alphasphere

AlphaSphere [button size=”medium” color=”blue” style=”none” new_window=”false” link=””]website[/button]

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    This is quite unique but I have to see it to believe.