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International Hemispheric Collaboration – – we’ve got it working

our collaboration now has got an extra dimension - we can work realtime now

© by ferrie = differentieel

today we realized an International Hemispheric Collaboration – from Amstelveen in the Netherlands to Arlington, Virginia in the USA – we got this thing working – let me tell you more about this

International Hemispheric Collaboration

we, Jimmy and I, are working together several years now on projects with poems and sounds sometime with video, sometimes for radio – a collection of those collabs you can find on Audio Log in this category

after some testing and reading manuals we finally where able to get this VST Connect 4 thing working
on my side there is Cubase 9 where Connect is part of – but Jimmy needs to install the free Performer app to realize the connection
first we encounter the usual troubles – as there was only sound from one side – but after some reading we found out how those settings must be manipulated

Here we are

International Hemispheric Collaboration

  • Jimmy online w guitar
  • International Hemispheric Collaboration
    Realtime Audio and Video

and we both where very enthusiastic about the quality of the sound – that is more important then the video part – as you probably understand
we have chosen for 48kHz on both sides to get a good quality – although a higher value is possible if you need one
then i did set the kbs to receive at my side – it had to become 256kbs – although 320kbs is available as well
then we did a little chat until Jimmy grabbed his guitar – – lets go – – enjoy

we now have to do some technical switches, knobs and faders to get the sound we need and the effects we like – lets see where it brings us


collabs with Jimmy ThePeach on Audio Log
Jimmy ThePeach on GPlus

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ferrie = differentieel is autodidact: artificial intelligence computer musician, composer, arranger, sound designer en Co-Host op - muziekproducties op Audio Log

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  1. Hey! ferrie you were like a detective figuring this stuff out. A new form of collaboration.