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1918VAPTU World Tour begint in Cairo, Egypte op 15 April

maandag 15 April, over een week dus, begint 1918VAPTU World Tour in Cairo, Egypte op het Moscars Al-Hurria shortfilm festival – daar wordt de start gemaakt van de

1918VAPTU International Tour

1918VAPTU International Tour
de screening op Moscars is ’s middags – het publiek mag punten uitdelen aan de 103 films dei op het festival worden getoond – Moscars zegt:

Participates in the festival this year103 films from more than 25 countries around the world in 5 official competitions “Long feature films, short featured films, documentary, Animation, Video Art” The most important participating countries are “Egypt, America, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Colombia, Macedonia, the Philippines, Nepal, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Palestine, Jordan, Morocco, the Netherlands, Bangladesh, Portugal, England, Turkey, Bulgaria, Pakistan


het schema voor de screening ziet er zo uit:
1918VAPTU International Tour

1918VAPTU World Tour is gelijkertijd te zien in

  • de TAKESH GALLERY van 15 tot 18 April
    Takesh Gallery: 43, Kakh Sa’adat-Abaad St., Noth Chahar-Bagh St., Isfahan (Iran)
  • van 15 tot 18 April Raf Gallery: 229 Fatemi St., Tehran (Iran)
  • From 15 to 19 at RICHLAND COLLEGE
    Richland College, Multimedia Department, Dallas, Texas (USA)
  • van 18 tot 19 in NUOVO CINEMA AQUILA [Official presentation of Project]
    via L’Aquila 68 00176 Rome (Italy)
  • On 27 at Moscow Museum of Modern Art
    Petrovka st. 25 Moscow (Russia)


    FB pagina

Moscars Al-Hurria

    official website

Moscars Al-Hurria




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