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Imprevionism by Jacek and Ben – digitaal impressionisme

een digitale variant op Impressionisme gemaakt door Jacek en Ben heet



Ben legt uit:

Jacek: ‘I call this technique Imprevionism. I use program created in Processing and sequence of photos from time-lapse. The program is merging up to 30 photos from TL by using small random, clusters. So, it’s similar to idea of Impressionism’
Ben: Jacek timelapses looks like paintings with a nice structure of coloured planes or dots. So it was great when he asked me to cooperate. My idea was to build up the video like a painting. I used animated drawings. First the basic lines, and slowly with dots and planes, showing bit by bit the beautiful timelapses Jacek made. At the end you can see the steps in which Jacek build up his images, but then in reverse mode.

Footage and imprevionism technique by: Jacek
Animation and editing by: a href=”” title=”Ben’s video’s” target=”_blank”>Ben
Music: ‘Night Drive’ by Simeon Harris
(thanks for the link to this music piece ferrie!)

vimeo Ben
vimeo Jacek
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