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Magmart International Video art Festival en The Ice Song

© by Magmart International Videoart Festival

de Magmart VIIIth edition heeft The Ice Song geselecteerd voor de 8ste editie van

Magmart International Videoart Festival

Magmart International Video art Festival
Magmart International Video art Festival en The Ice Song

Enrico Tomaselli art director of het festival zegt:

Magmart VIII edition, to celebrate 50th of videoart
Magmart | video under volcano VIII edition start in 2012 and will end in 2013, conventionally considered the fiftieth anniversary of videoart.
 So, this edition is very important for us, and especially for videoart. We hope that artists’ participation will grow again and again, for amount and for quality.
We hope that videoart can become really ‘adult’ along this year: its time!

Magmart International Video art Festival
Magmart International Video art Festival

en verder

The american videoartist Bill Viola has said that: “The digital era will overwhelm us, as it happened with the industrial revolution. And I am not talking about technological changes, such as the internet, Twitter or in art. The changes will hit all of life: from politics to science, from medicine to culture. Will change our way of life. The role of artists will be even more relevant. Our vision will communicate knowledge and compassion.”
The project schedule that 100 videoartists, from all continents, are invited to participate; every of them will produce a video artwork inspired by one of the 100 years of the previous century. The pairings are done randomly. All the videos will form a show that will be taked around the world during 2013.

de The Ice Song crew

idea, direction and soundtrack – ferrie = differentieel
camera and editing – Ben
poem – Rian van Nieuwkerk
voice – Robbert Baruch
titles – Jöran Maaswinkel
special thanks to Steven Harlow and Jimmy the Peach who helped me to use the best possible English

2011 – 2012 ferrie = differentieel Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0

The Ice Song is nog tot 9 december te zien op The Ice Song on Streaming Festival

de korte film The Ice Song

Geschreven door ferrie = differentieel

ferrie = differentieel is autodidact: artificial intelligence computer musician, composer, arranger, sound designer en Co-Host op - muziekproducties op Audio Log

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