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Code V2 – by Livid Instruments

© by Livid Instruments

Livid Instruments introduceert de

Code V2

Code V2 by Livid Instruments
Code V2 by Livid Instruments

en zegt daar zelf over:

Over the past six months we’ve been quietly hammering away at our latest hardware release, Code version 2. Code, our deceptively simple MIDI control surface is now the most feature packed instrument in its weight class. We’ve added a host of new features and repackaged it into a slimmer, sleeker, and more compact design.

Code V2 Features

  • 4 internal programmable preset banks
  • It can now be externally powered from DC to USB power supply and run without a computer
  • Separate CC control of LED rings (great for using rings as loop displays or VU meters, for example, in addition to displaying values when turned)
  • More “local control” options (local control means LEDs do something when you press or turn a control, rather than * needing MIDI data to light LEDs)
  • Toggle mode for buttons
  • New LED ring display modes (eq and spread in addition to walk and fill)
  • Knobs can send as cc+val or note+velocity
  • A “settings channel” which can be used to configure some things on the Code via CCs
  • A new editor program

If you don’t own a Code yet, this should give you enough reason to pick one up. If you are a proud Code version 1 owner, well you’re in luck. We believe in our controllers as “living instruments”, so you can turn your version 1 Code into a version 2 Code by simply upgrading the firmware on your controller. While we can’t give your Code version 1 the same diet plan we’ve given Code version 2 with its slim design, you can still make all the other controllers on the block jealous with your upgraded capabilities.

de Code V2 gaat $ 549.00 kosten dat zijn ongeveer € 447,00 euros

Code V2 front by Livid Instruments
Code V2 front by Livid Instruments

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