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LUNATIK TAKTIK – Premium Protection for the iPhone by MINIMAL

ofwel: hoe maak je een perfect promotiefilmpje voor een nieuw product:


Premium Protection for the iPhone
another new Kickstarter project: TAKTIK Premium Protection System for the iPhone.

Redefining Protection LUNATIK TAKTIK

Using protection isn’t always pretty. That’s why we’ve decided to inject our LUNATIK TAKTIK design DNA into protective cases. This is the DNA that fathered the TikTok+LunaTik and the LUNATIK Touch Pen. By obsessing over all the details that others neglect like fit, finish, details, feel, display integrity, robustness and aesthetics, we are raising the bar again. From the high sensitivity display protection of our Gorilla Glass Lens to our patent pending shockproof suspension system, we have gone above and beyond to transform the iPhone into a refined and rugged everyday warrior. We want people to be excited about using protection.

If you are tired of the same old box with sloppy features, we’ve got you covered with the TAKTIK iPhone Case by LUNATIK.

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