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Flying Quadrotor Light Show Spectacular

Creators Project says about the 16 quadrotors Flying Quadrotor Light Show Spectacular

Flying Quadrotor Light Show

Last week, the video (above) for Saatchi & Saatchi‘s New Directors’ Showcase 2012 dropped on the internet. If you watched it, then you were no doubt left open-jawed afterwards, mesmerized by the performance of 16 quadrotors dancing around a glowing pyramid and reflecting light across a room. The light show spectacular, called Meet Your Creator, went way beyond the conventional robotic performances we’ve seen to date.

This dazzling flying robot ballet was orchestrated by Marshmallow Laser Feast—Robin McNicholas, Memo Akten, and Barnaby Steel—with music from Oneohtrix Point Never. Using the quadrotors of KMel Robotics, whose robots performed the James Bond Theme earlier this year, the display is a technical marvel and the first of its kind. In a tightly choreographed show, light is sculpted around the room using mirrors and spotlights by a dancing troupe of LED drones built and programmed specifically for the show.

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