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ISS video van storm boven Afrika

Een ISS video die storm over Centraal Afrika heeft vast gelegd, het is een korte maar mooie video vanuit de ruimte gezien.

ISS video over Afrika

De ISS video is gemaakt door de crewleden van Expedition 30 in het International Space Station. Het International Space Station vloog op 29 December 2011 van 20:55:05 tot 21:14:09 GMT over Afrika.
De video vanuit het ISS (International Space Station) over Afrika ging over het centrale deel Afrika van zuid-oost Nigeria naar het zuid oosten van Madagascar. Op de blog van Jason Major nog wat leuke weetjes over de ISS.

ISS video

1. How fast is the International Space Station traveling?
A: 17,500 mph (28,160 km/hr). This footage is faster than real time.

2. What are those bright streaks on the right?
A: Reflections in the window of the International Space Station from its lit interior and the light from outside.

3. Are those moving specks of light UFOs seen along Earth’s limb on the right side?
A: Unidentified as in, I can’t specifically identify them, perhaps. But they are most likely satellites, of which there are 974 operational ones in orbit at the present time – and lots more inoperative as well as bits and pieces of old ones.

4. Why can we see stars?
A: This is a time-lapse of individual photos, assembled by the team at Johnson Space Center. That said, the camera that took the photos was set to expose for nighttime viewing of Earth, making it much more sensitive to starlight. When imaging on the day side, the setting is much less sensitive so the scene isn’t overexposed, thus making stars not able to show up on digital film. That’s photography basics… film speed (ISO) plus shutter speed plus aperture (f-stop) equals a correctly-exposed photo…same thing in space.

5. What’s the glow around Earth? Pollution?
A: No, it’s airglow. Ions in the upper atmosphere get charged up by sunlight and release that stored energy as light, which is easily seen at night by astronauts.

6. Why not higher resolution?
A: The resolution uploaded by JSC is not full HD, and YouTube compresses it even further. Check out a more “HD” version on my Flickr page here.

7. Is this ISS video CGI, fake and/or “gay”?
A: Nope. None of the above. (To those of you unfamiliar with the world of YouTube comments, these are sadly some of the more common ones.)

Anyway, it’s awesome to see people so excited about a view of our planet from space. I hope it gets spread all over the place, because everyone should get to enjoy it! If it makes even just a few people more supportive of our space industry, it’s well worth it.

ISS video van storm boven Afrika

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