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All Eyes On You by Britzpetermann

© by Britzpetermann

All Eyes On You by Britzpetermann

Britzpetermann zegt:

First edition of Britzpetermanns shop window installation project.

The series is starting with “All Eyes On You”, a bunch of different sized eyes who follow the passers-by. Simple concept, but the effect was immense. The passers-by loved it especially the kids react with the installation without any inhibitions.
All Eyes On You by Britzpetermann
Keep your eyes open for the next edition. Check for more information.

Creation, Idea & Realization: Britzpetermann
Creative support: Stijn van der Pol
Film: Michael Goergens
Music: Karlo Jurina

uitleg op de website:

We used a high quality projector and semi-matt foil from the hardware store to project the eyes to the window. They are rendered by a WebGL frontend using a shader sphere effect. The detection is performed by OpenFrameworks and the Kinect.
An Arduino controlled servo motor, pushing a button on the projector remote, is turning the installation on at 4pm and off at 11pm.


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