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Back in Mind van Ben – met een soundtrack van ferrie = differentieel

hoe een haas de winter vangt – is te zien in de laatste video van Ben – Ben gaat terug naar de plaats waar de ontmoeting met die haas plaats vond

Back in Mind

Ben zegt daar over:

Sometimes you will experience something beautiful and then you are happy to capture it. It’s snowing heavenly and I decide to go for a ride on my bike, to capture some snowy landscapes with the gopro mounted on my bike. (the blurry spots on some images are snowflakes) I also made some shots with the Panasonic HDC-SD10 under a bridge, because of the snow. And then suddenly………… This video is about a meeting with a hare in the snow. And on my way home, I could only think about that special meeting. I’ve tried to show that feeling in this video “Back in Mind”.
ferrie = differentieel made a beautiful soundtrack, did the audio and gave me a lot of feedback on the images. Thanks a lot Ferrie!

The Back in Mind soundtrack is a variation on the composition
La habitación de Philip en Baltimore (2° versión)
by Luis Rojas copyleft 2007
2013 Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0
Luis Rojas

over de Back in Mind soundtrack:
ferrie = differentieel

Back in Mind
meer achtergronden van de soundtrack vindt je op Audio Log

Geschreven door ferrie = differentieel

ferrie = differentieel is autodidact: composer, arranger, sound designer en Co-Host op - muziekproducties op Audio Log

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