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Jaanus Kalde zegt over zijn Arduino clone the smallest Arduino clone possible:


Everybody are making Arduino clones. So I thought I should make THE smallest. I took smallest package atmega88 – 28qfn (5mm x 5mm). Routed smallest possible resonator and as much pads as i could fit on in.

The result – Smallest Arduino clone ever! Size is only 7.4mm x 7.4mm! Features include:

  • Auto reset
  • UART
  • SPI
  • 4 analog channels
  • 1 digital i/o
  • one LED

funny readme with BOM
It needs arduino bootloader for atmega88 like ottantotto bootloader, probably it needs some hacking too because the resonator is 8MHz not the Arduino regular 16MHz.

tinyDino kost €9.70* en is weer verkrijgbaar vanaf half juli op [button size=”medium” color=”orange” style=”none” new_window=”true” link=”http://shop.tech-thing.org/”]Tech-Thing Shop[/button]
*exclusief verzendkosten

tinyDino is uitermate geschikt voor sensor-handling op locatie bijvoorbeeld gekoppeld aan een radio-transmitter zoals de JeeLink

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