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Enzo Greco de maker van deze prachtige infomercial zegt over 65 years Volkswagen Transporter :

65 year Volkswagen Transporter

Project – 65 year Volkswagen Transporter
Client – Volkswagen
Agency – ACHTUNG!
Date – March 2012
link – 65klusser.nl
One of Volkswagen’s icon, the Transporter van, is already 65 years on the road. With the slogan ‘Doesn’t know when to stop’ we created a hunt for the human equivalent of the van: Who can call himself the best 65+ year old worker? The best 4 stories were collected in four mini documentaries.
Creating the intro and outro animation for the documentaries.

als Co-Host van DailyM spreekt het 65 years Volkswagen Transporter onderwerp me wel bijzonder aan.

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