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Home Hardware Electronica Leap Motion 3-D Motion Controller gaat de strijd aan met MS Kinect

Leap Motion annonceert een nieuwe 3-D Motion Controller met een hoge mate van nauwkeurigheid tegen een zeer aantrekkelijke prijs.

leap motion hand

leap motion hand

Leap zegt daar zelf over:

The Leap creates a three-dimensional interaction space of 4 cubic feet to control a computer more precisely and quickly than a mouse or touchscreen, and as reliably as a keyboard. Leap Motion’s patented software, the heart of the Leap, represents four years of research and a series of major mathematical breakthroughs by co-founder and CTO David Holz.

• Basic computing tasks like navigating an operating system or browsing through Web pages
• Precise virtual drawing in 2-D and 3-D
• Signing a digital document by writing in air
• Navigating large-scale 3-D data visualization systems
• Creating and manipulating 3-D models like houses and cars
• Playing computer games, including fast-twitch first-person shooters

in preorder te bestellen op [button size=”medium” color=”red” style=”none” new_window=”true” link=”https://live.leapmotion.com/pre-order-the-leap/”]Preorder $69.99[/button]
exclusief verzendkosten.

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