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fotograferende timelapsers weten het – – het uitrekenen van het aantal te nemen foto’s is zo’n lastig klusje. daar is gelukkig een app voor:

The Timelapse Helper iPhone app

Simon zegt daarover:

I’m a big fan of using technology to see a different view of our surroundings, and so timelapse photography really appeals to me. It also happens that a fellow Hackerspace member Dan Thompson is into it too and wrote a neat little program to calculate the time needed to shoot a scene and the playback time it would produce. He released his math under a GPL license, so I decided to use it to build an iPhone version of his desktop app, my very first iPhone app.

website van Simon

beschikbaar voor OSX, Linux en Windows
free-app verkrijgbaar in de [button size=”medium” color=”blue” style=”none” new_window=”false” link=”http://itunes.apple.com/app/timelapse-helper/id417703416?mt=8″]iTunes Store[/button]

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