All Eyes On You by Britzpetermann

Britzpetermann zegt:

First edition of Britzpetermanns shop window installation project.

The series is starting with “All Eyes On You”, a bunch of different sized eyes who follow the passers-by. Simple concept, but the effect was immense. The passers-by loved it especially the kids react with the installation without any inhibitions.

Keep your eyes open for the next edition. Check for more information.

Creation, Idea & Realization: Britzpetermann
Creative support: Stijn van der Pol
Film: Michael Goergens
Music: Karlo Jurina

uitleg op de website:

We used a high quality projector and semi-matt foil from the hardware store to project the eyes to the window. They are rendered by a WebGL frontend using a shader sphere effect. The detection is performed by OpenFrameworks and the Kinect.
An Arduino controlled servo motor, pushing a button on the projector remote, is turning the installation on at 4pm and off at 11pm.

Schau! No1 – All Eyes on you. Shop window installation from goove on Vimeo.

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