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Ben NanoNote is een zak-computer die op Debian Linux draait – -

Copyleft Hardware


  • 336 MHz XBurst Jz4720 MIPS-compatible CPU
  • display: 3.0” color TFT
  • resolution: 320 x 240, 16.7M color
  • dimension (mm): 99 x 75 x 17.5 (lid closed)
  • weight: 126 g (incl. battery)
  • DRAM: 32MB Synchronous DRAM
  • headphone jack (3.5 mm)
  • SDHC microSD
  • 850mAh Li-ion battery
  • 2GB NAND flash memory
  • mini-USB: USB 2.0 High-Speed Device
  • speaker and microphone
  • full qwerty keyboard
  • prijs $ 99.00 per stuk

Copyleft Hardware

project kun je volgen op de Sharism weblog

Copyleft Hardware

uit de handleiding:

Do’s and Don’ts

(warranty and legal stuff) Our software comes AS IS – WITHOUT ANY warranty!

Please do:

- use this device for whatever purpose you want
- share your software with as many people as possible
- feel free to build upon this hardware design
- reflash the software as often as you want
- tell us about your experience and help us to improve it
- feel free to take the device apart, but only if you are qualified
- feel safe that there is no spyware whatsoever on the device

Please don’t:

- throw the battery into open fire
- expose the device to extreme temperatures
- take the battery apart
- use the device in the shower or while taking a bath
- use the device while driving
- leave small parts with unattended children
- expose the device to strong electro-magnetic fields
- use the device when handling explosives
- expect us to replace a device if you break it
- use the device below 0°C and above 40°C
- store the device below -20°C and above 55°C